Our Services/Areas of Specialization

Moyoxamples is skilled to perform the following engineering services, among others:



  • Sophisticated Central Systems
  • Chilled Water Plants
  • Cooling Towers
  • Variable Volume Control Systems
  • Special Computer Room A/C Systems
  • Filtration, Ventilation and Dehumidification Systems
  • Industrial Cooling Systems
  • Free Blow Systems
  • Package Ducted Systems
  • Split, Console & Room Units
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (V.R.F)



  • Street Lighting Installations
    Control Systems;
    Fire Detection and Alarm System;
    Security Systems such as C.C.T.V., Burglar Alarm

In the above-listed broad areas of specialty, we have a wide range of services,which are structured to meet specific needs of our clients.


Essentially our line of activities covers:

Preliminary inspection of clients properties location to determine and advise on their requirement and produce conceptual and project designs where necessary.

  • Project identification and designs
  • Procurement of materials.
  • Installation and site supervision
  • Tests and commissioning
  • Compliance with HSE rules, Legislative regulations and International std.
  • Set and promote leadership in safety and attitude.
  • Basic training for our client’s staff an after sales services on equipment